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SEO begins at the website development stage

The foundation of a successful website starts with a great design, user-friendly interface and a well developed user experience.

But unknown to most, these have become very important ranking factors and a big part of modern search engine optimisation (SEO). This includes things like page speed, site usability and a responsive mobile design.

Although SEO starts with considering the website content as the predominant ranking factor, there are other contributing factors that help bring information to the forefront. This includes outlining the title and description of the page with your most relevant keyword. The title should be the most relevant searchable term for that particular page.

By thinking of areas such as the page title, description and keywords in relation to SEO at development stage will ensure that your website is setup with the right structure to become Google friendly.

Search engine’s primary goal is to give you the most … [Read More]

A Basic Guide to Pixel Perfection on the Web

Responsive web design has become a crucial part of most company websites.  For smartphones: Increasing the font size of text, making links easier to press for fingers and rearranging the layout to work on a small, vertical display is ideal. But aside from those points, there’s one other thing that can improve your website on higher resolution devices.

Phones, tablets, and computer screens are squeezing more and more pixels into smaller spaces. For example, the 27″ 5K iMac has a PPI (Pixels Per Inch) of 218, compare that to a 21″ screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 which has a PPI of 100.13. That’s more than twice the amount of pixels in the same amount of space.

As you can see in the image below: some displays can have 4 pixels squeezed into the same space as 1 on another device (2 vertical and 2 horizontal). Some devices may even … [Read More]

Thinking about a WordPress site? Consider these first.

WordPress is fast becoming one of the biggest platforms that individuals and companies are using to create their websites. Unfortunately there are some downsides to this versatile platform, which may cause you problems later on down the line.

Primarily it is a blog platform, and when used for that it can be great. Our own blog uses WordPress, however it is not a CMS (Content Management System), therefore there are restrictions on what can be modified. Many fail to get the hosting and security done properly, which can hinder the sites performance and how well it can be found.

There are functionality limits. WordPress is not scalable. Given that it is a blog at its core, it is not meant to be your ultimate company website that helps you streamline your day to day operations. The plugins that are available to you will limit what you can do to your … [Read More]

Exciting new E commerce website now live

Here at the Studio 4 we are always excited when we get to work on websites which have interesting features and functionality. This meant that when a new client approached us looking for a custom phone case website we jumped at the chance to work with them to realise their dream.

The brief included several challenges that we worked through with the client to overcome. The main basis of the site was an editor, which would allow users to upload images and see them on a phone case of there choose. At this stage the client wanted the users to be able to add text, image filters and crop the images as they see fit.

We worked with Print Your Stuff to create a website that would tick all of the boxes. The final website has now been made live and orders have started to come in.

Users can either … [Read More]

Are students being misled in the computer science curriculum?

Since the launch of the internet in the early mid-1980s, web development and design have become a fundamental aspect of many company websites which have increased in popularity with a general trend in the advancement of computer science and technology. We should also take into consideration that more than 2 billion people use the internet, with 70% of users using it every day. However, schools and the government are unsupportive of the development in technology leaving children unaware of the impact that it has on society.

This includes the government miss-selling the computing curriculum which emphasises programming rather than computer science in general; which leaves web development and design unimplemented in children’s education. This is part of the government’s plan to produce the next generation of computer programmers although teachers alone do not fully understand what the curriculum entails.

In a world that revolutionised the idea of computer science and … [Read More]